Ethikos Lawyers

Ethikos Lawyers is the first Belgian law firm specialised in Regulatory and Compliance.

Our extensive experience in banking, insurance and with the regulators led us to assist both financial and non-financial institutions in the fields of AML, Conduct of Business Rules, Data Protection, Anti-bribery & Corruption, Sanctions & Embargoes, Market Practices, Market Abuse, New Product Approval, Tax Compliance, Financial Law and Ethics in the broadest sense.

Our core philosophy of using innovation and pragmatism in helping our clients to deal with complex Regulatory and Compliance issues aims at achieving one goal:

“Making business ethical”.

We differ from traditional law firms through our specific areas of expertise but also because we are Field Lawyers®: we assist our clients on-site by offering them the most practical and cost-saving solutions.

Our Field Lawyers® are registered with the Brussels Bar and Certified Compliance Officers and/or Data Protection Officers.